Cloud Platform Release v20.1.0

Posted on January 1, 2020

A new year brings three small changes. We thought we’d knock them out right away while everyone is off and start 2020 on the right foot. Here are the details:

  • GEO Weighting bug: We resolved a bug where the GEO weighting settings would not properly save to the back-end when configured prior to publishing a config/pack.

  • White Label: We made further improvements to our white label / branding functionality to allow our partners / resellers to specify a custom support URL and optional live chat URL within the client panel.

  • New Subscription and Payments: We’ve got big plans for 2020 and one of the features is to fully migrate our billing and subscription system to our own platform. Invoicing, payment and self-service plan changes are all coming very soon! Today we released the first version of this platform for internal beta testing over the next few months before making it accessible to everyone. We’re very excited about this because it has been in development for more than a year. It will even allow our white label partners and resellers to use it for their own client subscription management. Look for more details in an upcoming release!

That’s all for today. We’re going to get back to celebrating a new decade. But we really want your feedback! As we continue to evolve our solution to be the leading ADC-as-a-Service platform, we want to know what you think. Tell us the good and the bad. Let us know what features you think we should have and which ones are a waste of time, buggy, or don’t make sense. The more feedback you give us, the better our product becomes because we really do listen! Please contact us! We love hearing from our customers.

Here’s what’s coming in 2020

Just a few of the things we’re working on. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but you’ve been asking for these things, and we wanted to let you know we heard you and we’re busy working on them!

  • Subscriptions and payments: As mentioned above, all your invoicing, payments and plan management in the same panel. We’re working hard on this one and anticipate releasing it in just a few months.
  • Better 2FA options: We’re going to be adding DUO and Google Authenticator support to complement our already popular email and SMS 2FA in a matter of weeks!
  • Detailed logs and stats: You want to know more about application performance, server time-to-first-byte (TTFB), client response times and 100 other things. We’re working on a very significant overhaul to our stats and analytics for ADC-as-a-Service (which includes the load balancer, failover, caching etc.)
  • Self-Service Multicloud Networking: You want to easily configure VPN and SD-WAN connectivity to your favorite cloud provider, colo facility and on-prem network. We’re working hard on this one and will make version 1.0 a reality by the end of the year.