Cloud Platform Release v22.12.0

Posted on December 13, 2022

Today we released cloud platform version 22.12.0 which includes a number of bug fixes and feature improvements. Below is a list of the most notable changes you will find in this release.

  • DNS Reporting: We significantly improved the DNS Reporting UI as well as back-end systems that generate statistical data. The UI now generates data in near-real time, shows per-domain query usage for the past 30 day period and also shows a complete tally of all domain query usage for the past 30 day period. Additionally, we greatly improved the render time for the query detail line graphs when a specific domain is selected from the domain table. We are continuing to work on providing more detailed and accurate DNS data over the next few months for DNS reporting to assist organizations with better compliance.

  • Networking Reporting: We resolved an issue in the Networking > Statistics tab where Bandwidth Utilization data would not tally correctly for the 30 day and beyond periods. 24 hour data has historically always been accurate, and a new back-end update corrects this so the 30 day and “All Time” values are accurate. Of course, “All Time” is from today’s date (December 13th, 2023) or when the pack was published, whichever is most recent.

  • MYSQL Monitor: We improved the MYSQL custom/advanced monitor to support user-specific queries.

  • HTTP-CONTENT Monitor: We resolved a bug in the HTTP-CONTENT monitor which would not allow you to edit the monitor after it was created. The previous way around this was to create a new monitor.

  • Client IP Header: We fixed a bug where the UI allowed specifying the Client IP Header value for SSL_PROXY. This is not supported (since it is encrypted traffic) and should not have been allowed. The UI correctly disables this field now.

  • Device Webhooks: We resolved a bug where the Webhooks settings were editable for a shared device when they should not have been.

  • DNS Failover Updates: On rare occasions an automated DNS Failover update would create an error and would not update the zone in a timely manner. We improved our detailed error tracking and change retry system to resolve this issue.

  • Device Updating speed: We improved how devices are updated to allow minor changes to propagate quickly by only sending the small change to back-end systems vs. updating all of the device parameters.

  • DNS Updating Priority: We made an improvement to how DNS updates are handled for different customers when one customer makes hundreds or thousands of API calls in rapid succession. The new update prioritizer will ensure unrelated customer updates are made in a timely fashion regardless of a single customer’s aggressive API usage.

  • Connections Tab Searching: We improved the Networking > Connections tab to add more search parameters including destination port and destination service. We also made improvements to how IP addresses are categorized per-country considering that IP addresses are being bought and sold more than ever before. Further enhancements are forthcoming in early 2023 releases to continue to improve the accuracy of IPs.

  • DNS Import Tool: We further improved the DNS importing tool to provide faster feedback using our SignalR implementation.

  • DNS Creation Bug: We resolved a bug whereby a user may not be able to create a new primary zone in the UI if their role does not permit creating Zone Transfer groups.

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