Cloud Platform Release v22.4.0

Posted on April 30, 2022

Today we released cloud platform version 22.4.0 which includes a number of bug fixes and feature improvements. Below is a list of the most notable changes you will find in this release.

  • Monitors In Use: We finally released a long-awaited feature that now shows where custom monitors are used. The Monitors table for DNS or ADC-as-a-Service now displays a separate column, and when moused over, will show you exactly what devices use the given monitor for easy reference.

  • Failover Pools: We updated the Failover Pools “Used” column which, when moused over, will show exactly where the failover pool is used. This previously did not show anything if the record was exclusively used on a GEO pool. This has been corrected now.

  • Configuration Builder Canvas: We improved the Canvas UI in the ADC-as-a-Service configuration builder to now show if any ACLs (Firewall Access Control Lists) are created and in-use on the pack. Previously it would not indicate if an ACL was attached, only if a Firewall Profile was.

  • Default User UI Improvement: By default, any new user created within a company will be assigned to the Default User role. The Default User role also does not have any permissions by default, so users created where the role is not adjusted are often confused when logging in because they see a blank screen without access to any functionality. We have now updated this to display a message advising of this issue to the user. This will hopefully alleviate some frustration as well as support inquiries.

  • DDoS Statistics Tab: We made a correction to the DDoS Statistics tab to properly show Terabit size attacks. Previously if an attack exceed 999 Gbps, it would then switch to 1.0 Gbps instead of 1.0 Tbps.

  • Delete Domain Dialog: We continue to address issues where customers accidentally delete entire domains, even though there are two levels of confirmation. We added an additional layer of confirmation with the hope that it better prevents accidental deletions.

  • Authoritative Status: We resolved a bug where a domain with an uppercase character that was copied from a previously existing domain would not properly validate whether or not it was authoritative on our platform.

Please send us your feedback! As we continue to evolve our solution to be the leading ADC-as-a-Service platform, we want to know what you think. Tell us the good and the bad. Let us know what features you think we should have and which ones are a waste of time, buggy, or don’t make sense. The more feedback you give us, the better our product becomes because we really do listen! Please contact us! We love hearing from our customers.