VoIP Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery (DR) planning is essential for active businesses. We’ve written a lot about it here on this blog. Usually it’s about internet services and websites and data services. But what happens if your phone system goes down? That can be a real disaster too. And it’s especially vulnerable now that many businesses have moved […]

Network Availability is the Name of the Game

Your network is everything. At least it seems that way. You can offer the most wonderful services in the world, but if your customer can’t access them, you’re dead in the water. Let’s face it. Most businesses suffer when the internet goes down, or when critical network services are not available. You’ve probably experienced the […]

Data Center Power Reliability

In some respects, a load bank test of a data center is much like a road test of an automobile. Suppose you are in the market for a car, and you meet with a dealer or a private party to check out what they have to offer. You start it up, look under the hood, […]

Physical Access Control is Essential to Uptime

If you’ve ever made an in-person visit to your well-protected server or other device in a colocation facility or data center, then you know firsthand about security. The hand scanners, the thumbprint readers, the man-traps, the security guards, the metal cages — all the security features that make data centers feel like a secure prison. […]

Increase Uptime with the Right Code Deployment Strategy

Faster is not necessarily better. The push to launch new applications and services as quickly as possibly can cost you in the long run. A 2013 Gartner study predicted that ineffective software release management would cause 80% of production environment incidents in large organizations in the next few years. If keeping your network or applications […]

Uptime Institute Ensures IT Infrastructure Reliability

When it comes to IT infrastructure, there’s not much room for error. In fact, businesses have come to expect their data technology environment to be completely reliable. As we wrote in “The Essence of Uptime“, “The standard for network uptime is 99.999% availability.” Data center reliability is essential to the success of the enterprise now […]

Does Convergence Impact Uptime?

One of the biggest trends in data center infrastructure is convergence. Actually it has been happening for some time. Equipment footprint has been getting smaller for years. Functions that used to be handled by huge dedicated machines are now accomplished by modular cards. Specialized servers, switches, routers, and other network devices have been combined into […]

The Essence of Uptime

Uptime is a key performance indicator (KPI). Some would say it is the key performance indicator, the sine qua non, of productive computing. If you can’t keep your system operational, you have nothing. None of the many functionalities – the bells and whistles – matter one whit if your customers can’t access your site or service. The expectation in […]

Cloud Service Level Agreement Expectations

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are essential in the IT business. IT managers should know what to expect from their service providers. You should fully understand any SLA before signing it – especially when it comes to uptime.  Let’s explore. SLA Overview Everyone who has been around IT support has heard of Service Level Agreements. As […]

5 Things We Do That AWS Route 53 Does Not

Total Uptime’s DNS Service along with our DNS Failover solution are often compared to Amazon Route 53, and for good reason. Organizations are increasingly looking for a reliable DNS provider in light of frequent outages at various Domain Registrars like Network Solutions. IT experts understand that because DNS is the first link in the chain, it must be the […]