Surprising Cloud Adoption Trends

We all know that businesses are moving to the cloud. But how? Anyone who knows the basics of cloud technology is also aware that there are many approaches to the adoption of cloud technology. An enterprise can choose from public, private, or hybrid solutions. They can go with only one cloud provider or they can […]

Is Liquid Cooling Worth the Risk?

Water and computers don’t mix, right? So why would anybody want to try to cool computer equipment with water? Lots of reasons. But the first thing you think, of course, is this: “Will it leak?” Well, probably not — but we’ll get into that. You should know that water and computers are definitely not mutually […]

What is The Cloud? A Technical Explanation

The Cloud – we hear that phrase thrown around a lot.  It is obviously a special place because nearly every company wants to go there, probably because we hear how wonderful everything works in the cloud.  Those who go there are promised a great deal of cost savings as well.  No wonder everyone is talking […]

Making Cloud Computing what it Should Be

I recently read an interesting article by InformationWeek detailing the Top 10 complaints about Cloud Computing by IT professionals.  This article brings to the forefront the fact that cost, security, and performance are still the main concerns in Cloud Computing. It also paints the picture of why our work in the space is so important and points […]