What You Should Know About APIs

We all know how a computer user interface (UI) works — at least in general terms. Humans interact with digital machines using input devices, and we watch everything real-time on computer monitors. When we think of user input, we usually think of Input devices like a mouse, keyboard, touchscreen, trackball, or pointing stick. But we […]

Primary DNS or Secondary DNS?

A frequently asked question at Total Uptime is whether to use our cloud DNS platform for Primary DNS or Secondary DNS. Prior to answering that question, we should probably first define the difference between the two, and then the benefits of choosing to use Total Uptime for one over the other. Primary DNS is generally the DNS server […]

AWS Route 53 DNS… How does it compare?

DNS is the critical first link in a Website’s ability to load quickly for its users. Cloud solutions don’t mean much if your DNS system isn’t giving you great performance and the level of granulized control you need. High performance and granular control have always been focal points for our business here, and the existing demand […]