Surprising Cloud Adoption Trends

We all know that businesses are moving to the cloud. But how? Anyone who knows the basics of cloud technology is also aware that there are many approaches to the adoption of cloud technology. An enterprise can choose from public, private, or hybrid solutions. They can go with only one cloud provider or they can […]

Hybrid Cloud. Hybrid IT. Hybrid Availability.

There is a lot of talk about hybrid these days when it comes to IT.  For the past five years or so, the Hybrid Cloud has been a hot topic as organizations are now open to hosting their digital services and data beyond the walls of the datacenter perimeter.  Recently, the new approach of managing […]

Why You Need Cloud Based Layer 7 Load Balancing Today

Keeping up with the pace of ever the changing world of IT today is a challenge.  It can be like trying to drink from a fire hydrant.  You can drown in the overwhelming constant barrage of information and technological advancement.  For that reason, it is not unusual for today’s IT managers to be unfamiliar with […]

Enterprise DNS – Is it really that important?

Quick, name the most important server in your network – Web server? Active Directory server? Mail server?   Those are all important no doubt, but your DNS servers are probably the most critical to your network operations.  Imagine you were traveling within a foreign country you had never visited before and the area was totally […]

Significant Growth Predicted for Hybrid Cloud

In a recent Computer World article, Technology Business Research shared their prediction for cloud growth in 2015. 33% growth rate for private cloud, 25% growth rate for public cloud and a whopping 50% growth rate for hybrid cloud all when compared to 2014 data. Allan Krans, an Analyst with the firm, stated “There are a lot […]