VoIP Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery (DR) planning is essential for active businesses. We’ve written a lot about it here on this blog. Usually it’s about internet services and websites and data services. But what happens if your phone system goes down? That can be a real disaster too. And it’s especially vulnerable now that many businesses have moved […]

Market Surveys from Disaster Recovery Journal and Forrester

“I only believe in statistics that I doctored myself.” Winston Churchill said a lot of things, but despite the rumors, fact checkers don’t believe he really originated this saying. It is actually a common joke in the German language that the Nazi propagandist Goebbels misattributed to the British leader. Another false quote did not really […]

Drilling for Disaster Recovery

On an Air Force base in San Antonio, Texas, two men walk into the base exchange. They show their IDs to the clerks, don Halloween masks, and proceed to play the part of terrorists. “This is a drill! We want liberation!  This is only a drill!” Airmen shopping in the facility give them funny looks, […]

Reroute or redirect IP traffic from one data center to another for disaster recovery

Many organizations have a business continuity or disaster recovery plan and have even implemented multi-data center redundancy with servers and other critical infrastructure at a separate location to that of their primary site. But the challenge every organization faces is how to easily and seamlessly redirect traffic from one site to another when disaster strikes. […]