Cloud Platform Release v19.1.0

Today we released a significant update, and our first release for 2019. This version is packed full of bug fixes, improvements and exciting new features in addition to data center upgrades and other back-end improvements. The most notable improvement with this release is a significant back-end upgrade. After a few years of reliable operation from […]

What Went Down in 2018

Despite whatever bad news you read in this article, we encourage you to remain positive. It’s just human nature to have a curious interest in the calamities of others. So if that’s what gives you your kicks, feel free to enjoy our 2nd annual dispatch on some of the most interesting outages of the past […]

Physical Access Control is Essential to Uptime

If you’ve ever made an in-person visit to your well-protected server or other device in a colocation facility or data center, then you know firsthand about security. The hand scanners, the thumbprint readers, the man-traps, the security guards, the metal cages — all the security features that make data centers feel like a secure prison. […]

The Basics of DCIM

We have remarked several times in this space about the tremendous changes in the data center in such a short period of time. Not only are device footprints shrinking and functionalities converging, but the way that hardware and software are managed has become more comprehensive and streamlined. Now the same thing that has happening to […]


This online manual is an ever evolving comprehensive guide to the cloud management portal. Here you will find detailed information for each section of the application.

Roles & Security TAB

This section displays a list of roles for the companies you have access to view. Each company supports an unlimited number of roles which allow you to control access to various sections of the cloud management portal. You can choose whether a role should have Full access, read, read/write or if it is disabled entirely. […]

What Went Down in 2017

The internet is replete with Top Ten lists and other rankings. But the criteria for distinguishing between #1 and #10 is often no more than personal whim. So with the caveat that these are not necessarily the worst or the biggest, we’ve decided to list and describe some of the most interesting outages in the […]

Resource Record Types

Total Uptime’s Cloud DNS Service supports 27 different DNS resource record types. That includes 26 standard record types and 1 special web-redirect type that we’ve created. Below is a comprehensive list of each record type which you can find in the Cloud DNS management interface. DNS SOA Record This is the “Start of Authority” resource […]

Domains Tab

  Customers who subscribe to the Cloud DNS service will see the Cloud DNS main tab and this domains sub-tab. There are four main sections as shown above: 1. Main Toolbar The main toolbar is used to manage specific configurations and settings for the domain you have selected in the table. 2. Status Icon Legend […]