Cloud Platform Release v19.1.0

Posted on February 16, 2019

Today we released a significant update, and our first release for 2019. This version is packed full of bug fixes, improvements and exciting new features in addition to data center upgrades and other back-end improvements.

The most notable improvement with this release is a significant back-end upgrade. After a few years of reliable operation from our existing infrastructure, we underwent a hardware refresh featuring new front-end web servers, API servers, database versions and underlying storage architecture. All of these improvements have been designed to deliver better performance for our UI and API as well as provide greater resiliency and flexibility for continued growth of our platform.

Another significant improvement is the complete re-architecture of our statistics and analytics platform. We’ve made significant database improvements as well as API and UI improvements to how we calculate, render and display stats in our networking section. The prior version would not always reliably display stats, especially for users with multiple Packs. This is no longer an issue, and detailed analytics are now cleanly presented and easily searched so you can obtain valuable insight.

Networking Stats
Networking Stats


Another significant improvement in this update is the introduction of DNSSEC in the UI. We previously offered DNSSEC as a fully managed service, and while it is still fully managed by our team of DNS experts, we now make it easy to enable it with intuitive UI selections. This initial release uses this approach to make it nearly impossible to screw up DNSSEC.


Here is a list of other bug fixes and feature updates in this release:

  • WAF Log: We enhanced the WAF Log further to now display Blocked and Not-Blocked events in the graphs to make the log-only mode far more valuable for users when testing new policies.
  • Responsive UI: We continue to improve our UI to make it more responsive with every release. This version is no different and includes further improvements for devices with smaller screens.
  • Load Balancer: A bug has been squashed where the load balancing netmask for IPv4 and IPv6 were not displaying correctly in the UI after a change.
  • IP Search: We enhanced the search for servers and Packs in the configuration builder to allow finding them by IP address.
  • Support: We added a support icon in the upper-right corner that goes to our support portal for easier access.
  • Support Chat: We added a support chat icon in the lower-right of the UI to make it easy to get immediate help when working in the interface
  • Trial Expiration: An improvement was made to the trial expiration notifications to make it easier to know when your trial account expires and how to update or convert it to a paid account.
  • DNS Importer: Further enhancements have been made to support importing DNS Zone formats from different vendors and to detect and remove invalid characters, which can invalidate a newly created domain making it difficult to troubleshoot.
  • Secondary DNS: UI improvements were deployed to make Secondary DNS easier to use and to provide better UI feedback when adding new zones.
  • DNS TTL: We squashed a bug that would not properly advance the TTL of certain records when updates were made to multiple records at once in quick succession. It was a rare occurrence, but we were delighted to finally replicate and resolve this one!
  • Two Factor: An enhancement was made to Two-Factor authentication to support sending the temporary code via email instead of SMS, if desired for specific users.


Lastly, we made a back-end improvement that you can’t see, but which helps us improve bug detection and to provide better tools to support engineers when working with customers in real-time. We deployed a new central logging platform that captures all logs and errors for every components of the UI, API, Importer, back-end update processes and more in a single location. This single tool gives us better visibility into how the UI and API interacts with our global platform, and better visibility means faster bug fixes and better customer support!