Changing name servers at

If your domain registrar is, here are the steps required to change your name servers to Total Uptime’s. First, log into your account. Then from the top navigation menu, select MY ACCOUNT and then MY DOMAINS as shown in the image below: The page you will see next will show you a listing […]

Changing name servers at Google Domains

If Google Domains is your registrar, here are the steps you need to follow to change your name servers to Total Uptime. First, go to and log into your account. Next, click on the DNS link to the right of the domain that you wish to point to our platform as shown in the image […]

Changing your reverse DNS name servers at ARIN

If you have received a direct IP allocation from ARIN and would like to point them to Total Uptime so you can create zones for managing reverse DNS, these are the steps you need to take in order to complete the process. Log into ARIN online right from their home page at Click on […]

Do you have name servers in other locations besides the United States?

Absolutely! We have name servers in many different countries around the world. This architecture ensures excellent global redundancy as well as performance for all of our Cloud solutions customers. You may get the impression that the name server list we’ve provided you in the cloud management portal is too short and isolated to the USA, […]

How do I change the name servers at GoDaddy to point to you?

Here is a summary of the steps required to change your name servers at GoDaddy to our name servers. Log into your Godaddy account. From the top menu select “Domains” and choose “All Domains” as shown below: On the page that opens next, you will see all of your domains in a table list, each […]

How do I change my DNS name servers at Network Solutions to point to you?

Here are the steps to changing your name servers at Network Solutions to point to us. 1. Go to 2. In the far upper-right corner of the page, click on the blue MANAGE ACCOUNT button. 3. Log in with your credentials 4. In the ACCOUNT MANAGER, click on MY DOMAIN NAMES. 5. Now click on […]

Network Availability is the Name of the Game

Your network is everything. At least it seems that way. You can offer the most wonderful services in the world, but if your customer can’t access them, you’re dead in the water. Let’s face it. Most businesses suffer when the internet goes down, or when critical network services are not available. You’ve probably experienced the […]

CNAME and MX for the same host name

Q: Why is it not possible to have a CNAME and MX record for the same host name? For example, cannot be both a CNAME and an MX record at the same time. A: Unfortunately, what you’re running into is a limitation of the DNS specification. According to RFC 1034 “If a CNAME RR […]

Creating Servers/Devices using a FQDN

In the version 3.10 release of our cloud platform, we introduced support for creating back-end devices (servers) using a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) instead of an IP address. While it is always best to use an IP address instead of a domain name, there are some instances where a FQDN is the only option, […]