Cloud Platform Release v19.8.0

Today we’re excited to announce a minor release v19.8.0 which includes minor bug fixes and enhancements. Here is a quick rundown of the release notes. Password Expiration: We added a new feature visible in the company dialog to enable a company-wide setting to limit password age. By default this value is blank, which prevents password […]

Cloud Platform Release v19.4.0

We released minor version 19.4.0 of our cloud platform to fix a few bugs and release a few new features to make our UI more user friendly. The following is a list of the four changes included in this update: SSL Certificates: We further improved the update from v19.3.0 to better detect the Common Name […]

What is an Application Delivery Network?

Today’s networks are focused on results. It’s not enough to have active connections with no errors. Customers expect that IT management teams do their best to deliver the applications that are essential to the success of the enterprise. The goal is complete service assurance. The environment in which these efforts at faultless application delivery take […]

What Went Down in 2018

Despite whatever bad news you read in this article, we encourage you to remain positive. It’s just human nature to have a curious interest in the calamities of others. So if that’s what gives you your kicks, feel free to enjoy our 2nd annual dispatch on some of the most interesting outages of the past […]

Edge Application Delivery

Boost Application Performance for Mobile and Desktop Cache, compress and accelerate static and dynamic content at the edge of the internet

Supported Load Balancing Algorithms

There are numerous load balancing algorithms employed by the Total Uptime Cloud Platform to determine which service to select for the redirection of client requests.  Getting to know more about each will help in choosing the best method for your load balancing needs. Methods Least Connection When using this method, new connections will be directed […]

Configuration Builder TAB

Manage and create Network Packs that can be configured with DNS easily and efficiently. The aim of these configurations is to provide you with an easy way to manage your virtual configurations, while providing excellent services such as Acceleration, Load Balancing, Firewall, and Instant Failover. Below you will find a brief description of this functionality, […]

Resource Record Types

Total Uptime’s Cloud DNS Service supports 27 different DNS resource record types. That includes 26 standard record types and 1 special web-redirect type that we’ve created. Below is a comprehensive list of each record type which you can find in the Cloud DNS management interface. DNS SOA Record This is the “Start of Authority” resource […]

Domains Tab

  Customers who subscribe to the Cloud DNS service will see the Cloud DNS main tab and this domains sub-tab. There are four main sections as shown above: 1. Main Toolbar The main toolbar is used to manage specific configurations and settings for the domain you have selected in the table. 2. Status Icon Legend […]