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Does the Cloud Solve Problems?

There is something about that word cloud. We know that cloud computing is a catch-all term for the many services available on the internet. And there are particular benefits to be found in moving to the cloud, as we have previously discussed in this blog space. But the cloud is not some heavenly realm of […]

Drilling for Disaster Recovery

On an Air Force base in San Antonio, Texas, two men walk into the base exchange. They show their IDs to the clerks, don Halloween masks, and proceed to play the part of terrorists. “This is a drill! We want liberation!  This is only a drill!” Airmen shopping in the facility give them funny looks, […]

The Ghosts of Buffer Overflow

An enormous amount of due diligence.  That’s what it will take to overcome one of the most common computer security vulnerabilities that has been vexing cyberspace for years, according to John Clark of the University of York.  “To make buffer overflows a thing of the past will require an enormous amount of due diligence – […]

CSRF and the Confused Deputy

Imagine that a smooth operator convinces Barney Fife — the famous sheriff’s deputy on TV — to unlock a Mayberry jail cell. Barney has the keys. He has the authority. He wants to do the right thing, but he’s easily confused and manipulated.  Your web browser has authority too.  It can do a lot of […]

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Exploits

JavaScript is a dandy programming language. And it’s very popular. A report from W3Techs shows that 94.7% of all websites surveyed used JavaScript. But it’s also vulnerable to a top web application hack called cross-site scripting (XSS). Unlike SQL injection, which targets the server side, XSS goes directly for unsuspecting web users. XSS injects malicious […]

Website Down? Understanding Why

“The website is down again!” That can be pretty frustrating. In the heat of the moment, most of us don’t really care why it is down — we just want back online. But the curious user may want to know more. What could make a web server unreachable? Why do they go down in the […]

The Foundation of Networking – It’s about Availability

As we look forward to even greater advances in technology, sometimes it helps to take a look back. Many of us take for granted the connectivity that we enjoy across a wide variety of applications. Sometimes it is seamless, and other times – well, we know that improvements are on their way. But the applications […]

A Primer on the Domain Name System (DNS)

In the early days of the Internet, humans and other computers located the few massive interconnected computers the same way: by their numeric Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. Soon, the impracticality of memorizing all these numbers became obvious and a rudimentary naming scheme was developed. A central repository of names and their associated IP addresses was […]