How to create an SPF record

What is SPF? Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a protocol designed to help combat forged email. It allows the owner of a domain to specify which hosts are authorized to send email from that domain. Full details can be found in RFC 7208.   How does SPF work? Domain owners publish SPF records in the […]

SPF Records – creating and testing

As a DNS service provider, we frequently receive requests from customers who need assistance with understanding and creating SPF records. This short article outlines a few helpful steps that will hopefully make life easier for some. First, what is an SPF record anyway? Well, Wikipedia sums it up nicely: SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is an email […]

Senior Network Engineer

Sr. Network Engineer Total Uptime’s expanding global network needs a bright and talented engineer to take the lead. We’re growing quickly and need your help to commission new routers, switches, firewalls and IP Transit circuits, troubleshoot LACP bundles, improve BGP Routing, mitigate DDoS attacks, work with customers and much more. If you enjoy working from […]

Network Availability – Is it Important to you?

Alright, we admit that our company has a certain obsession with network availability we collectively call “uptime”. It’s even in our name. We’re totally committed to keeping services up and running for our clients. And while uptime is our best friend, we seem to spend a lot of time thinking about the enemy:  downtime. We’ve […]

Resource Record Types

Total Uptime’s Cloud DNS Service supports 27 different DNS resource record types. That includes 26 standard record types and 1 special web-redirect type that we’ve created. Below is a comprehensive list of each record type which you can find in the Cloud DNS management interface. DNS SOA Record This is the “Start of Authority” resource […]

Add a Record to an Existing Domain

Method:              POST URI:                     /CloudDNS/Domain/{domainID}/{recordType} This method adds a record to an existing domain. It requires the following information to be posted in order to successfully create the record: For ‘A’ Records Field Sample data aHostName “www” – this is the […]

Top Tools for Network Troubleshooting

If you are a network administrator, you really want to get a handle on your network. But even laymen sometimes need to figure out what’s going on. There are some basic tools that will help you do that. Let’s have a look at some simple pieces of software that can be accessed from nearly any […]

Version 3.5 of our Cloud Platform released

Today we released a significant update to our cloud platform which includes numerous improvements to our user interface and API. This first 2016 release includes a number of new features as well as enhancements that will provide better UI feedback and responsiveness we know will make it simpler and easier for customers to deploy advanced […]