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Manual failover in the Cloud Load Balancer

A question we frequently receive is: “How can I manually fail traffic over from my primary server to my failover server group in the Cloud Load Balancer?” Manually failing over traffic is something you may wish to do if your primary server is experiencing issues that the monitor has not yet detected, or if you […]

Do you support manual failover for DNS?

Yes, our DNS failover service was designed to easily support manual failover. Often customers wish to test their failover site on a periodic basis, or they wish to redirect traffic during a maintenance window. To do this within the portal, open up the Failover Entry, and simply uncheck the “Active” checkbox as shown below. This will immediately […]

Finding Your Network’s Weakest Link

High availability is the nirvana of network engineers. When everything is humming, monitoring screens are green, and no notifications are in their inbox, network managers can spend time dreaming about how big their Christmas bonuses might be this year. But an unforeseen problem can interrupt their dreams and pop their bubbles at any given moment. […]

Software Defined Networking: The Speed of Software

Imagine that you are a data packet. You have information to deliver, and you’re anxious to get started. Here you are at your source network device, and you look out on the vast network of switches, routers, and other machines. But where do you go? You look down and see that you’ve been given a […]

Network Failover Can Save Your Business

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, they say. You should always have a plan B. Companies spend millions on their data connections, but even the best of them can fail. And what happens when you don’t have adequate backup systems in place? Well, take a look at our survey of outages in 2018 […]

Data Backup Is Not Optional

As with most information technologies, the concept of data backup is as deep as it is broad. That is to say, there are many dimensions and facets to the backup of data, and you can spend anywhere from a few days to a few months trying to get a handle on it. A definition is […]

Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Solutions High Availability is attainable for business of any size. We make it easy to redirect visitors and clients from one location to another. As more and more enterprises, their clients and end-users classify applications as “mission-critical”, the financial risks associated with system downtime continue to escalate. In May 2013, […]

Network Availability – Is it Important to you?

Alright, we admit that our company has a certain obsession with network availability we collectively call “uptime”. It’s even in our name. We’re totally committed to keeping services up and running for our clients. And while uptime is our best friend, we seem to spend a lot of time thinking about the enemy:  downtime. We’ve […]