HTTP/2 Makes the Internet Faster

If you have ever worked on a farm or have done construction, you probably got used to carrying things. And you might have heard your supervisor say at some point, “Get it all in one trip if you can.” That’s the idea behind HTTP/2. Earlier versions of HTTP required multiple TCP streams to transfer the […]

Implement an HTTP to HTTPS redirect

If you’re looking to implement an HTTP to HTTPS (SSL) redirect for your web application, you can now enable a feature directly on the load balancer instead of configuring it on your server. This significantly improves redirect performance and reduces the load on your servers. To implement this change, you must be on the main […]

Can I use the HTTP monitor to check a specific page on my site?

Yes, absolutely. When creating an HTTP monitor, you can go to the SPECIAL PARAMETERS tab and adjust the HTTP Request value to look for your special page. By default the HTTP Request value is “HEAD /”. If, for example, you wanted to test the page at, you would change the value in the HTTP Request […]

What HTTP response codes do you support for monitoring server availability?

We support the following list of response codes which can be used individually or together to determine the state of a server. 100 – Continue 101 – Switching Protocols 200 – OK 201 – Created 202 – Accepted 203 – Authoritative Information 204 – No Content 205 – Reset Content 206 – Partial Content 300 […]

Disable/Enable Server

Method: PUT URI: /ALF/Server/{ServerId}/ToggleStatus This method disables or enables a server (device) and will affect all of the packs that it is used in without removing it. It has a required parameter to gently wait the specified number of minutes for sessions to expire before forcibly disabling it. While waiting, no new traffic will be […]

Cloud Platform Release v19.4.0

We released minor version 19.4.0 of our cloud platform to fix a few bugs and release a few new features to make our UI more user friendly. The following is a list of the four changes included in this update: SSL Certificates: We further improved the update from v19.3.0 to better detect the Common Name […]


We’re working on getting this information populated as quickly as possible! 

Cloud Platform Release v19.2.0

Today marks another major update providing additional features, enhancements and bug fixes to our global platform. We continued our momentum from the prior release and performed an overhaul to the DNS Reporting tab. Similar to the Networking Stats improvement, we re-architected the DNS stats by making significant database improvements, deployed a full API and made […]

Do you provide any utilization info for Cloud VPN/SD-WAN?

Yes, when you log into the management panel, you can go to Networking > Cloud VPN to see bandwidth graphs for your VPN uplinks. Generally one graph is shown per uplink, so if you have a primary and a secondary between our platform and your site, cloud provider or data center, you would see one […]

DNSSEC Implementation Guide

We recently added an easy-to-use implementation of DNSSEC in our UI.  The currently deployed version in our UI makes it nearly impossible to misconfigure.  Every time you make a change, it is queued for review by one of our NOC engineers to ensure that the requested actions will not impact any existing chain of trust. […]