DNSSEC Implementation Guide

We recently added an easy-to-use implementation of DNSSEC in our UI.  The currently deployed version in our UI makes it nearly impossible to misconfigure.  Every time you make a change, it is queued for review by one of our NOC engineers to ensure that the requested actions will not impact any existing chain of trust. […]

Web Application Firewall Quick-Start Guide

Total Uptime’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) is an extremely powerful tool to protect web applications at the edge of the Internet as opposed to right inside your datacenter. The WAF shields your network and applications from the ever increasing number of application-layer attacks and can also aid with compliance, like PCI, by helping to prevent […]

A Comprehensive Guide on Supported Protocols

The Total Uptime Cloud Platform supports a variety of different protocols for use with the Cloud Load Balancer, Web Application Firewall and other networking solutions. These protocols were created to support additional features and functionality, usually at Layer 7, way beyond the standard TCP and UDP protocols also offered. Before you add a port/protocol combination, […]

A comprehensive guide to using server weights in the load balancer

The server “weight” select menu shown at the far right of your server or device within a Server Group allows you to adjust how traffic is distributed by the load balancer when you have two or more devices in a configuration. In essence, the higher the number, the heavier the weight, and the more traffic […]

Software Defined Networking: The Speed of Software

Imagine that you are a data packet. You have information to deliver, and you’re anxious to get started. Here you are at your source network device, and you look out on the vast network of switches, routers, and other machines. But where do you go? You look down and see that you’ve been given a […]

Unchanging Internet Concepts

Internet technology continues to change at a rapid pace, but the fundamentals are the same. Most networks are still using TCP/IP. Networks are designed and analyzed using protocol stacks. And data packet switching is still the lifeblood of the network. In this post, we take a look at some fundamental concepts in networking that the […]

Top External Monitoring Tools in 2019

What is external monitoring? In a general sense, it means regularly checking on something to find out what is happening. It’s a way to gather information. In a large network, it means observing and recording data from a wide variety of devices and applications. We should clarify that monitoring and management are not the same […]

Network Failover Can Save Your Business

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, they say. You should always have a plan B. Companies spend millions on their data connections, but even the best of them can fail. And what happens when you don’t have adequate backup systems in place? Well, take a look at our survey of outages in 2018 […]