The latest Stuff happening at Total Uptime

September 22, 2013 : Version 3.3 of our Cloud Platform released

Version 3.3 of our Cloud Platform was released on September 22. While many months have flown by, we’ve packed this one full of several new features that many have been waiting for, as well as fixes to all of the known bugs up until September 15th. Here are the new features we’ve included in this […]

May 5, 2013 : Version 1.0 of our Statistics and Reporting (for DNS) released

As promised back in March, we’ve been working hard to improve upon the beta version of our stats and reporting tab. Today we pushed those changes out to our production network so clients can begin accumulating and reviewing DNS statistics in the DNS portal. The data we capture today is somewhat limited, but our goal […]

April 1, 2013 : Version 3.2 of our Cloud Platform released

Version 3.2 of our Cloud Platform was released today. It has been many months since we’ve released a number of changes, but these are significant and not only include a list of bugs but a number of new features as well. Here is a list of the most significant updates you’ll see: SOA RECORD: When creating […]

March 24, 2013 : Beta Version 0.1.0 of Statistics and Reporting released

We released Beta version 0.1.0 of our Statistics and Reporting interface today to a select group of customers. This is for customers on the Cloud DNS platform and allows real-time viewing of query data. As we receive feedback from our customers and make updates and changes, we will update you here. Our goal is for […]

March 10, 2013 : Upgraded infrastructure for B1 nameserver cluster

We are pleased to announce that we have completed a significant upgrade to our B1 name server cluster. This included the addition of new provider circuits and a significant effort at balancing our global Anycast traffic. One of our objectives is to provide our customers not only with a highly redundant and resilient global platform, […]

January 17, 2013 : Additional capacity added in the United Kingdom

Today we turned up additional capacity for our DNS and Cloud Networking platform in the United Kingdom. The datacenter near Portsmouth in Havant at the Langstone Technology Park provides valuable capacity and redundancy for U.K. customers. It backs up our London and Amsterdam nodes and ensures European customers receive superior connectivity and redundancy to our […]

October 5, 2012 : Version 3.1.2 of our Cloud Platform released

Version 3.1.2 of our Cloud Platform was released today which contains the following updates: Networking: SSL Certificates didn’t always attach properly. This has been fixed. Monitors: The receive string now saves properly for HTTP type monitors. Monitors: Added sorting by company name (partners/resellers only). Monitors: Added the ability to search by company name (partners/resellers only). Monitors: We adjusted the default […]

July 5, 2012 : Version 3.1.1 of our Cloud Platform released

Version 3.1.1 of our Cloud Platform was released today which includes a long list of little bugs and features we’ve wanted to push out for a long time. Now that these are out of the way, we can focus on the bigger features our customers’ have been asking for. Dashboard: We added an announcement section so […]

June 13, 2012 : Cloud Platform 3.1.0 released

Version 3.1.0 of the cloud platform was released today and includes a number of new enhancements as well as bug fixes. The most notable include: Added functionality to improve the role administration to make them more granular and customizable. Added reverse zone capability for IPv6 Improved the IP address add dialog for Zone Transfer groups […]

May 8, 2012 : Cloud Platform 3.09 released

Version 3.09 of the cloud platform was released today and primarily includes a significant number of behind-the-scenes changes to our permissions and security systems. We also made a few cosmetic enhancements to the UI and fixed a few little annoying bugs. The biggest visible enhancement is the release of a BETA version of the Cloud […]