Cloud Platform Release v20.3.1

Posted on March 31, 2020

We just couldn’t wait til April to get a new feature and a couple bug fixes out, so even though we said our 20.3.0 release was the last one of the month, we stand corrected, and I’m sure you won’t mind. Here are the details:

  • Swagger Support: Customers who use our API will be very happy to know we released a Swagger page which lists all of the API calls available on our platform. Our API documentation at is a little behind and is missing a number of functions, but hopefully the addition of Swagger will help buy us a little time. You can find it at:

  • WAF Log: We fixed a bug in the WAF log table where it wouldn’t display and filter results when using specific search parameters.

  • Duplicate Header WAF Filter: We added a new option in the WAF policy settings dialog to allow you to decide what action to take when multiple or duplicate headers exist. For example, if two “Accept” headers are sent in the request, you can now decide to block the request, remove all but the last header, or simply log it. Duplicate headers are bad form and can indicate malicious activity, but it could also simply be a programming error. Now you’re in control over the behavior we should take.

That’s it for this update. Please send us your feedback! As we continue to evolve our solution to be the leading ADC-as-a-Service platform, we want to know what you think. Tell us the good and the bad. Let us know what features you think we should have and which ones are a waste of time, buggy, or don’t make sense. The more feedback you give us, the better our product becomes because we really do listen! Please contact us! We love hearing from our customers.