Cloud Platform Release v20.4.2

Posted on April 18, 2020

Today we released three changes to our UI. Below are the details:

  • Canvas Device Status Refresh: Some time ago we incorporated SignalR functionality so that when you’re working on the Networking > Configuration Builder canvas, as devices go up, down or otherwise change status, they would automatically update without having to refresh the page. This wasn’t working quite right, so we spent some time improving it. Additionally, the refresh button in the upper left corner has been updated as well to better refresh the canvas. Previously, it missed a couple of items during that process.

  • JavaScript Bundling: There is a significant amount of JavaScript in our Panel (UI) and we keep adding more every week to make it more responsive with every release. In this version we implemented bundling. This reduces the number of separate files for better performance and a smaller initial download when first logging into the panel. This is just one of many optimizations you’ll never see, but benefit from over the coming months.

  • More Charts: If you use our ADC-as-a-Service, specifically the WAF ACL, you’ll appreciate the fact that we added a couple more charts to the networking > information page. These display how many ACL entries you’re using for easy reference. That way you don’t have to count them up (or ask us) if you’re concerned about hitting the limit.

Firewall WAF ACL Usage Counters

That’s it for this update. Please send us your feedback! As we continue to evolve our solution to be the leading ADC-as-a-Service platform, we want to know what you think. Tell us the good and the bad. Let us know what features you think we should have and which ones are a waste of time, buggy, or don’t make sense. The more feedback you give us, the better our product becomes because we really do listen! Please contact us! We love hearing from our customers.