What is a DNS Server?

You want to know what a DNS server is and what DNS does? Quite simply, DNS is what makes the Internet work. Seriously!

Imagine going to Facebook by typing in the IP address in your browser. Obviously that’s not going to work. It’s not very memorable, and can you see people using IP addresses in advertising?

Instead, you type facebook.com into your browser, and voila! Behind the scenes a complex network of DNS servers secretly sends you to that very same IP address, but without having to remember it or even know of its existence.

DNS stands for Domain Name System. As you can imagine, if this system goes down, we have a big problem on the Internet, so it has to be very robust. That’s what we specialize in at Total Uptime. We have a cloud network that helps businesses ensure that the DNS for their websites never stops working.

You can learn more by reading some of the articles below or exploring our website!

A Primer on the Domain Name System (DNS)
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