The importance of an audit trail – tracking DNS changes

In our most recent cloud platform update, we added a new feature that gives our customers an audit trail of every DNS change that has been made. We’ve appropriately called it the “Change Log”. This long-anticipated feature can be found in its own tab in the Account section of the management interface.

What the change log does is keep track of every DNS modification that has been made, whether it was something as simple as adjusting the TTL for an A record, or changing the mail server in an MX record. Everything our business customers want to see is all there. Want to know who made a change, what was changed, when it happened and whether it was successful or not? Those are the very details that our DNS audit trail provides.

DNS Change Log / Audit Trail

With the increasing number of DNS hijacks and hack attempts we’ve all seen in the news over the last year, implementing a change log is just one piece of our complete security strategy. In fact, Total Uptime already has one of the most effective, granular role-based user permissions systems in the industry, and with this update we’re even more secure.

While we’ve always taken security very seriously, there is always room for improvement. So based on customer demand, you’ll see a number of exciting developments over the coming months.

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