Load Balancers – an important component for disaster recovery

We recently read, with great interest, an article in CIO entitled How load balancing is playing a bigger role in tech transitions.  John Moore takes a real-world IT DR scenario, discussing traditional load balancers and today’s more sophisticated Application Delivery Controllers and how they are helping organizations implement disaster recovery strategies or generally increase application availability.

One of the reasons he cites in his article – implementing a disaster recovery failover solution without having to update IP addresses – is exactly why we developed our Cloud Load Balancer and Network Failover features. Like a router in the cloud, Total Uptime can send traffic around the globe from datacenter to datacenter with minimal impact to your users, including a DNS change.

The article is certainly worth a read, and if you like the ideas presented for redirecting traffic in the event of disaster, we encourage you to take a no-obligation spin of our Cloud Load Balancing solution.

Prevent your next outage now!


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