Version 3.1.2 of our Cloud Platform released

Posted on October 5, 2012

Version 3.1.2 of our Cloud Platform was released today which contains the following updates:

  • Networking: SSL Certificates didn’t always attach properly. This has been fixed.
  • Monitors: The receive string now saves properly for HTTP type monitors.
  • Monitors: Added sorting by company name (partners/resellers only).
  • Monitors: Added the ability to search by company name (partners/resellers only).
  • Monitors: We adjusted the default values for the HTTP monitor to more reasonable values.
  • Failover: We added the ability to create monitors directly from the create-failover pool dialog, saving you a step.
  • DNS Web Redirects: We now support a full querystring value in the web-redirect record type.
  • DNS Domain Creation: We fixed a bug in the email address field that would cause a domain to fail upon creation.
  • DNS GEO Zones: Added the ability for partners/resellers to create GEO Zones for their clients.
  • Alert Lists: Added the ability for partners/resellers to create Alert Lists for their clients.
  • Alert Lists: Corrected an issue that prevented deletion of alert lists for sub-companies (partners/resellers).
  • Password Reset Tool: The password reset tool would occasionally hang. This has been resolved.