Version 3.1.1 of our Cloud Platform released

Posted on July 5, 2012

Version 3.1.1 of our Cloud Platform was released today which includes a long list of little bugs and features we’ve wanted to push out for a long time. Now that these are out of the way, we can focus on the bigger features our customers’ have been asking for.

  • Dashboard: We added an announcement section so we can communicate upcoming maintenance or other great information for you to see right when you log in
  • Login Page: We enhanced the login error message to provide a little more detail to assist with troubleshooting
  • Account > Roles: We added functionality to warn you of users that are attached to a role before you delete it
  • Account > User: we added functionality to allow a user to change their primary email address, which is also used to log in
  • Monitoring: We added an option to disable monitoring of a server so it is seen as always being online
  • Networking: We placed the Packs in the left navigation in a separate accordion so they can be expanded or collapsed independently of the servers
  • Networking: We added some helpful text in the configuration builder to walk you through creating new Packs
  • Networking: Updated server status hover text to show a lot more detail.
  • Networking: Automatically enter the port number when choosing a protocol
  • Networking: We’ve added a handy link to the left navigation to let you quickly add new servers
  • Networking: We added underlining to the breadcrumb trail when diving into Packs so it’s obvious you can back out easily
  • DNS Failover: We updated the failover pool selection menu to only show pools you can use, vs. showing pools for sub-companies you might have access to
  • DNS Failover: We added a description for the drop-down that lets you choose how many cloud nodes must agree before determining a server is down
  • DNS Failover: We fixed a bug that didn’t properly save failover pool entry priority values
  • DNS Domains: We enhanced security to restrict sub-domain creation
  • DNS Web Redirects: We added IPv6 support for web-redirects
  • DNS Web Redirects: We now support full URLs in the web redirects instead of just a root domain
  • Account > Users: We now have a button in the toolbar that can unlock a user account. We also show whether an account is locked in the table too
  • Company: We now hide the ‘Add’ button in the company table if you’re not a reseller. Why tease you with the ability to add sub-companies when you really can’t
  • Company: We added functionality to restore all configurations when re-activating a company (after you de-activated it, of course, for whatever reason)
  • Terms: We updated our terms of service to the latest version from the legal folks (linked from the login screen)