Cloud Platform Release v20.9.0

Posted on September 25, 2020

September’s release includes the usual bug fixes (many of which we do not list since they are minor, and often customer’s haven’t found them yet) plus other features and enhancements. Here are the major items included in this code update.

  • Dashboard Widget Values: We corrected a bug for the dashboard widgets where they would occasionally display the wrong maximum value. E.G. if you subscribed to a DNS package with 10 domains, it might show your maximum number of domains as 3, as an example even if the back-end subscription limits were correctly set. This didn’t prevent using the full subscription allotment, it was just an (annoying) graphing error.

  • Shared Device Feature: We improved device management significantly to allow a device to be shared with different companies or sub companies. There were often cases where different customers, or sub-customers wanted the ability to route traffic to the same device. Same was defined as having an identical destination IP address. This new feature allows for this to happen.

  • SSL Certificate SNI: We resolved a bug whereby the UI would incorrectly display a SSL certificate as being attached to a pack/config with SNI when it was in fact attached without the SNI flag set.

  • SSL Certificate monitoring: We added back-end error tracking, logging, some automatic resolution as well as alerting to help our teams better understand why some SSL certificates fail to load, pair with a key or transfer to a POP. The primary goal here is to further understand issues for more automated resolution.

  • Unwanted Trial Email: We resolved a bug where our system would continue to send automated trial journey emails even if the customer had subscribed. We’re sorry about that. Nobody wants to receive more email than necessary, so we took care of this!

  • DNS SRV Records: We modified how SRV records are validated in our UI, API and Zone import process to better ensure RFC compliant data is saved.

That’s it for this update. Please send us your feedback! As we continue to evolve our solution to be the leading ADC-as-a-Service platform, we want to know what you think. Tell us the good and the bad. Let us know what features you think we should have and which ones are a waste of time, buggy, or don’t make sense. The more feedback you give us, the better our product becomes because we really do listen! Please contact us! We love hearing from our customers.