Cloud Platform Release v19.6.0

Posted on June 18, 2019

Today we released minor version 19.6.0 of our cloud platform. This release includes a few bug fixes, back-end improvements plus a couple new features and enhancements:

  • DNS Failover: We enhanced A and AAAA records to now show (in a slightly greyed-out text) the IP address(es) that the Failover service is giving out in DNS. Previously when viewing A or AAAA records no IP would be shown and you’d have to refer to the DNS Failover tab to determine which IP address(es) were being used.

  • Modal Background: We fixed a bug where the modal background would occasionally disappear.

  • Email and SMS alerts: We modified how alerts are sent when devices go up/down to now exclude users who have their accounts disabled or companies who have been disabled entirely. We allowed this previously to make it easy to create fictitious users to send alerts to, like a distribution group, but this caused other issues. Today the best way to send emails to a distribution group is to still create another user, but set the role to one that does not have any access.
  • Panel Notifications: We enhanced the panel notifications (bell icon in the top right) to let you double click an alert to expand it.

  • New TLSA DNS Record Type: We added the new TLSA DNS record type. This record type has been requested more over the last few months and is stipulated in RFC 6698. It allows you to associate a TLS server certificate or public key with the domain name by creating a TLSA certificate association.

  • CAA DNS Record: We previously released the CAA record type, but we added some more validation to the UI and API when creating it to prevent errors.

  • Table Refresh: We fixed a bug where the refresh icon at the bottom of some tables did not behave exactly like the refresh button at the top (which was working correctly).

  • WAF Profile Post Body Limit: We updated the Post Body Limit in the WAF to properly set the maximum value if left blank.

  • WAF Profile Saving: Occasionally an error message would pop-up when saving a WAF profile after modifying the SQL Injection exceptions. This has been fully squashed.

  • IP Address Reservation: We increased the amount of time an IP address remains available for recapture if it has been returned. Additionally, we increased the amount of time an IP address runs through our scrubbing process.

  • Reverse DNS for IPv6: We corrected a bug where the records would not add correctly all of the time. This was fixed in the UI, API and import utility.


As always, if you have any feedback regarding these changes, or if you would like to see other bug fixes, features or enhancements in a future version, please contact us! We love hearing from our customers and are designing our solutions to solve our challenges.