Cloud Platform Release v19.4.0

Posted on May 2, 2019

We released minor version 19.4.0 of our cloud platform to fix a few bugs and release a few new features to make our UI more user friendly. The following is a list of the four changes included in this update:

  • SSL Certificates: We further improved the update from v19.3.0 to better detect the Common Name (Subject) in different types of SSL certificates. Previously a couple of different certificate types would display the entire CN string, but now they display just the desired subject.

  • DNS Failover Pools: We made a small enhancement to how the DNS Failover Pools page is shown on first use to make it more intuitive to new users.

  • DNSSEC: We further enhanced the UI for DNSSEC to make it more user friendly and intuitive

  • Caching & Optimization: This feature in our networking section was previously called Acceleration and has been significantly enhanced allowing users to create multiple Edge Content Cache Groups. The new object caching controls allow users to determine what type of objects are cached based on size, number of hits and also allows insertion of valuable headers including Age, ETag and Cache-Control, among other features all via the UI and API. The new controls dialog is shown below.