Cloud Platform Release v19.2.0

Posted on April 17, 2019

Today marks another major update providing additional features, enhancements and bug fixes to our global platform.

We continued our momentum from the prior release and performed an overhaul to the DNS Reporting tab. Similar to the Networking Stats improvement, we re-architected the DNS stats by making significant database improvements, deployed a full API and made a UI update. DNS Stats now work very reliably and display valuable data at a glance for user-customizable time periods.

Here is a glimpse of some of the data you will see in the DNS Reporting section:


Here is a list of other bug fixes and feature updates in this version:

  • DNS Zone Importer: We squashed a bug where the zone importer would occasionally hang when a specific malformed record appeared in the import.
  • Networking: We made a simple UI change to list servers/devices alphabetically inside server groups
  • WAF Profile: An enhancement was made to the custom rules that can be created when attaching WAF profiles to a pack to improve how profiles are applied to specific traffic.
  • Password Reset: We squashed a bug with the password reset tool that would occasionally result in portions of the password being hidden when the password reset email was sent in HTML. We now send them in text-only format.
  • DNS: We made a few UI modifications to provide better hover text for various DNS editing actions
  • SSL Certificates: When attaching/detaching SSL certificates from a Pack, long names would often be truncated. This has been resolved.
  • Logging: We added more log entries for user changes made in the networking section to ensure that all actions are being tracked. This is an ongoing process and continues to be improved.
  • API use: We started adding Object IDs in the UI to make it easier for new API users to correlate API call results with the UI when first building their integrations.