Cloud Platform 3.08 released

Posted on April 18, 2012

Version 3.08 of the cloud platform was released today. The most significant (and time consuming) change was the rewrite and implementation of version 2.0 of our API. The API is what allows customers, resellers and partners to connect to our underlying platform directly, and it’s what we use to connect the cloud user interface with the back-end.

Here are the most notable changes in this release:

  • Rewrite to use API v2.0
  • Elimination of several thousand lines of redundant code to centralize authentication and improve performance
  • Fixed Load Balancing persistence for source/destination IP
  • Added a failover pool deletion dialog to nicely warn and walk you through updating records that rely on a failover pool
  • Added a security question and answer to the password reset dialog to make resetting passwords easier
  • And, of course, many little bugs that were cosmetic or simply annoyances