Cloud Availability Platform v18.3.1

Posted on November 4, 2018

Today we officially released a minor update as version 18.3.1 to our cloud platform. The following updates were included in this release:

  • Private IP Ranges: We updated how we handle private IP ranges assigned to customers and VRFs to allow customers to have multiple non-consecutive ranges more easily.
  • WAF Profile Editing: We’ve enhanced the WAF Profile editing screens to make it more intuitive to configure. It is still a complex and very powerful feature, but we want to continue to make it easier to use.
  • Branding: We added favicon capabilities for reseller branding.
  • DNS NS TTL: We changed how default TTL values are handled for NS records for when a new domain is created via the API and Importer
  • UI Double Click: We removed unnecessary text about double clicking from Modal alerts in the UI
  • Alert Lists: A modification was made to how the “test alert” button functions in order to improve reliability
  • SSL Certificates: An improvement was made to how certificate/key pairs are attached and detached from Packs
  • WAF Profiles: We improved how multiple WAF profiles are handled in the UI, how they are ordered, and how filtering rules impact processing.
  • UDP/TCP Port Bug: We fixed a bug that would prevent the addition of a TCP and UDP port with the same number.
  • WAF Log: The WAF Log was improved to become more responsive and to set the default time range to 1 day.