How do you achieve 100% uptime?

How do you achieve
100% uptime?

Our solutions deliver availability 24xForever

DNS Hosting

Achieve IT Hero Status

We will help you eliminate costly outages today

DNS Service

Control. Anywhere.

Our web-based interface puts you in the driver's seat

The Cloud Availability Platform™

Whether you host applications internally or in some of the world’s largest data centers, we can help you increase the availability, performance and security of your web-accessible applications.
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Top Tools for Network Troubleshooting

If you are a network administrator, you really want to get a handle on your network. But even laymen sometimes need to figure out what’s going on. There are some basic tools that will help you do that. Let’s have a look at some simple pieces of software that can be accessed from nearly any workstation.

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Load Balancing Moves to the Cloud

Everyone in the IT business has heard of load balancing, but many don’t know much about it. Even technology professionals who are familiar with the concept may know little about how it works. A brief introduction to the subject of load balancing and its development will help to round out our IT education.

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Minimize risk. Maximize availability.

Businesses take risks. It comes with the territory. But that doesn’t mean that an enterprise should push blindly forward, ignoring the potential threats to availability and ultimately its success. Risk assessment is essential to understanding the territory and blazing the trail ahead. And risk mitigation is the key to controlling those factors that endanger IT uptime. It all starts with a framework.

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Configure Cloud DNS Failover in 2 minutes watch video

Creating and Managing Monitors

Creating and Managing Monitors watch video