How do you achieve 100% uptime?

How do you achieve
100% uptime?

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Who is Total Uptime? Some say we offer Network-as-a-Service, others call it Availability-as-a-Service. We like to think of ourselves as an Application Availability Platform. But regardless of your preference, we know that we’re the company you wish you found a while ago. Whether you host applications internally or in some of the world’s largest data centers, like we do, we can help you increase the availability, performance and security of your web-accessible applications.
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5 Ways to Increase Application Availability

A service provider that offers software-as-a-service or another cloud-based solution should understand what customers are looking for and what compels those very customers to choose an off-premise, “cloud-based” solution vs. the more traditional on-premise, self-hosted solution.

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8 uses for Cloud Load Balancing or Failover

As we talk to people during the week, we periodically make suggestions for using Cloud Load Balancing or Failover that are often met with surprise, such as “Oh, I didn’t know it could be used for that”. So we thought it might be helpful to compile a list of 8 potential uses.

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What is DNS Tunneling?

DNS tunneling is a misuse of DNS. Domain Name Servers (DNS) have been called the internet’s equivalent of a phone book. Rather than remembering an IP address with up to twelve digits, you just need to know the domain name associated with the IP address. DNS tunneling attempts to hijack the protocol to use it as a covert communications protocol or a means of data exfiltration. It is a broadly overlooked security threat.

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