Peering with Total Uptime AS53334


  • Email:
  • Phone: +1 828-490-4290 opt. 3
  • ASN: 53334

General Information

  • We operate a global anycast network. We determine which routes to send you based on the location of your network, your footprint and where we interconnect.
  • Our policy is “selective”, but we probably want to peer with you. We just need to ensure optimal routing across our global network, based on our point above.
  • All peers must supply a contact that is available on a 24×7 basis, such as a Network Operations Center (NOC) or equivalent.
  • Peers must not utilize any form of gateway of last resort or default route that is directed at Total Uptime.
  • Use of the Internet Routing Registry (IRR) is preferred for prefix filtering. (RADB is preferred).
  • Peers should provide access to a looking glass or traceroute server to facilitate troubleshooting.
  • Do not announce prefixes at a distant peering point when a closer one is available. E.G. if you are a network in China, you should only announce a prefix in Los Angeles if you are also announcing it to us in Hong Kong, Singapore or other closer location. This is paramount to ensure optimal routing for our customers. We want to make every effort to ensure that traffic does not cross countries or oceans unnecessarily, causing undesired latency.
  • Total Uptime reserves the right to suspend peering for an indefinite period of time should any form of network abuse take place via the peering interconnect such as a denial of service attack, SPAM, or default route towards Total Uptime.
  • MD5 password is preferred, but not required
  • Total Uptime’s final decision on peering is based on a mutually agreeable decision to peer based on operational needs. If Total Uptime’s operational needs cause a peering arrangement to conflict with the best interest of Total Uptime, we reserve the right to terminate the peering agreement with reasonable advance notice.
  • Total Uptime does not send or honor MED attributes.
  • All potential and current peers must have and maintain a valid record