Zone Transfers

By default, no DNS servers other than those controlled by Total Uptime are allowed to perform a Zone Transfer (AXFR or IXFR). This is the recommended best practice and ensures the security of your zone by preventing someone from retrieving an entire copy containing all of your resource records with a simple AXFR request. The […]

How do I enable Zone Transfers?

If you want to replicate one of your primary domains here at Total Uptime to another DNS server or provider, here are the steps you need to take: First you must create a ZONE TRANSFER POOL. This can be done by going to the ZONE TRANSFERS tab under the main CLOUD DNS tab. Within that […]

How can I test if Zone Transfers are configured properly?

If you’ve followed the steps in our KB article How do I enable Zone Transfers and you are still not having any luck, here is something you can do to test if zone transfers are working and you have properly configured the Pool IP addresses. You must be on a Microsoft Windows PC in order to use […]

How to create a secondary domain / zone.

Here are the steps required to create a SECONDARY DNS zone. Secondary zones allow you to keep your primary DNS hosting at another provider or on another server outside of our network, but increase redundancy by replicating zones to our network so you can add our name servers at your registrar too. Ask your primary […]

Add a Role

When you Add a Role, you will be presented with a list of permissions and options for that Role.  For each permission/option, you will be given a selection of choices from a drop-down menu. Enabled – Disabled  :  Access can be toggled on or off. Disabled – Read – Read/Write – Full  :  Access can […]

Import/Export Tab

The Import / Export tab within Cloud DNS allows you to easily bulk-add new domains to the platform, as well as export domains (currently one-by-one) in a traditional text file format for easy backup or for import into other DNS platforms. When you first land on the Import / Export tab, you will see the […]

Domains Tab

  Customers who subscribe to the Cloud DNS service will see the Cloud DNS main tab and this domains sub-tab. There are four main sections as shown above: 1. Main Toolbar The main toolbar is used to manage specific configurations and settings for the domain you have selected in the table. 2. Status Icon Legend […]

Edit an Existing Domain

Method:              PUT URI:                      /CloudDNS/Domain/{domainID} This method modifies the parameters of an existing domain. It requires post data identical to that for creating a new domain. Field Sample data domainName “” primaryDNS “” responsibleEmail “” minTTL “300” refreshInterval “14400” retryInterval “7200” expireTime “1209600” soaTTL “14400” domainType […]

Create a New Domain

Method:              POST URI:                      /CloudDNS/Domain This method creates a new domain. It requires that the following information be posted in order to successfully create the domain: Field Sample data domainName “” primaryDNS “” responsibleEmail “” minTTL “300” refreshInterval “14400” retryInterval “7200” expireTime “1209600” soaTTL “14400” domainType […]

Cloud DNS

This is a comprehensive manual for the Cloud DNS service. Shown below is the dashboard you will see if you have a subscription to this product. Based on your subscription options, you may or may not see all of the sub-tabs shown below. Not interested in reading the manual? We cover the vast majority of […]