How low should the TTL be set to for my A or AAAA record when using DNS Failover?

When you have created a DNS Failover pool and have assigned it to an ‘A’ or ‘AAAA’ record, you want the flexibility to switch back and forth between the available servers during outages. To best accomplish this, we highly recommend decreasing the TTL value for that particular DNS record to the lowest allowable setting of […]

Can I set the TTL value to anything I want?

Just about anything. We support a fully customizable TTL value from 60 seconds and on up. You’re not forced to select something from a drop-down menu with very limited flexibility. You can enter anything between 60 seconds and one year (in seconds, of course). Whatever meets your business needs. Why do we not allow you […]

Finding Your Network’s Weakest Link

High availability is the nirvana of network engineers. When everything is humming, monitoring screens are green, and no notifications are in their inbox, network managers can spend time dreaming about how big their Christmas bonuses might be this year. But an unforeseen problem can interrupt their dreams and pop their bubbles at any given moment. […]

Unchanging Internet Concepts

Internet technology continues to change at a rapid pace, but the fundamentals are the same. Most networks are still using TCP/IP. Networks are designed and analyzed using protocol stacks. And data packet switching is still the lifeblood of the network. In this post, we take a look at some fundamental concepts in networking that the […]

How to create an SPF record

What is SPF? Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a protocol designed to help combat forged email. It allows the owner of a domain to specify which hosts are authorized to send email from that domain. Full details can be found in RFC 7208.   How does SPF work? Domain owners publish SPF records in the […]

Network Availability is the Name of the Game

Your network is everything. At least it seems that way. You can offer the most wonderful services in the world, but if your customer can’t access them, you’re dead in the water. Let’s face it. Most businesses suffer when the internet goes down, or when critical network services are not available. You’ve probably experienced the […]

Cloud Platform Release v19.1.0

Today we released a significant update, and our first release for 2019. This version is packed full of bug fixes, improvements and exciting new features in addition to data center upgrades and other back-end improvements. The most notable improvement with this release is a significant back-end upgrade. After a few years of reliable operation from […]

What Went Down in 2018

Despite whatever bad news you read in this article, we encourage you to remain positive. It’s just human nature to have a curious interest in the calamities of others. So if that’s what gives you your kicks, feel free to enjoy our 2nd annual dispatch on some of the most interesting outages of the past […]

Physical Access Control is Essential to Uptime

If you’ve ever made an in-person visit to your well-protected server or other device in a colocation facility or data center, then you know firsthand about security. The hand scanners, the thumbprint readers, the man-traps, the security guards, the metal cages — all the security features that make data centers feel like a secure prison. […]

Major CenturyLink Network Outage to Close 2018

We end the year with a major CenturyLink outage that started early Thursday morning for many and spread across the country, according to reports on Reddit, GeekWire and Newsweek affecting Internet, 911 services and other internet-dependent services like waves and VoIP. The outage also affected other providers who lease long haul connectivity from them, such […]