Can server UP/DOWN alerts be sent as an SMS or Text Message to my phone?

Yes, if you want to receive alert messages to your phone as an SMS or Text Message, you need to do two things. First, you need to create an alert list. Secondly, you need to edit your user profile and add a mobile number. To access your user profile, click the ACCOUNT link in the […]

What You Should Know About APIs

We all know how a computer user interface (UI) works — at least in general terms. Humans interact with digital machines using input devices, and we watch everything real-time on computer monitors. When we think of user input, we usually think of Input devices like a mouse, keyboard, touchscreen, trackball, or pointing stick. But we […]

Edit a User

You can edit a user by selecting the desired user and clicking on the “Edit” button.  You will see this screen displayed to edit your user’s details with:  Fields with an asterisk (*) are required fields First Name*: User’s first name. Last Name*: User’s last name. Title: User’s title (Mr. Ms. Miss. Mrs. etc…) Phone* […]

Add A User

You can add a user by clicking on the “Add” button.  You will see this screen displayed to add your user’s details with:  Fields with an asterisk (*) are required fields Company Name*: Select which company or sub-company the user is being created under from the drop-down list. First Name*: User’s first name. Last Name*: […]

Edit a company

To edit a company or a sub-company, select the company and click on the “edit” button. Company (*required) Edit the company’s name. Address 1 & 2 (*required) Edit the company’s street address in these fields. City (*required) Edit the company’s city. State/Province Edit the company’s state or province. Country Select the company’s Country from the […]

Add a sub-company

If you are a reseller, you can use this button to create a sub-company.  When you choose the “Add” option, you will see this screen to create your sub-company: Company (*required) Enter the sub-company’s name. Address 1 & 2 (*required) Enter your sub-company’s street address in these fields. City (*required) Enter your sub-company’s city. State/Province […]

How the Availability of Big Data is Transforming the World

All over the world, companies are competing with one another in the race towards digital transformation.   According to a report by Gartner in 2016, one-half of all CEO’s expect their industries to be substantially or unrecognizably transformed by digital transformation. It is a recurrent digital evolutionary process of embedding technologies into nearly everything around us […]

How do I create an Alert List to notify me when a server is up or down?

Our DNS Failover monitoring and Cloud Networking solutions (e.g. Load Balancing, firewall) have the ability to send email alerts when devices go up or down. In order to create an alert list and assign it to your failover pool, follow these steps: Go to the ACCOUNT link in the upper-right corner of the management portal. […]

Unchanging Internet Concepts

Internet technology continues to change at a rapid pace, but the fundamentals are the same. Most networks are still using TCP/IP. Networks are designed and analyzed using protocol stacks. And data packet switching is still the lifeblood of the network. In this post, we take a look at some fundamental concepts in networking that the […]

Top External Monitoring Tools in 2019

What is external monitoring? In a general sense, it means regularly checking on something to find out what is happening. It’s a way to gather information. In a large network, it means observing and recording data from a wide variety of devices and applications. We should clarify that monitoring and management are not the same […]