Primary DNS or Secondary DNS?

A frequently asked question at Total Uptime is whether to use our cloud DNS platform for Primary DNS or Secondary DNS. Prior to answering that question, we should probably first define the difference between the two, and then the benefits of choosing to use Total Uptime for one over the other. Primary DNS is generally the DNS server […]

How to create a secondary domain / zone.

Here are the steps required to create a SECONDARY DNS zone. Secondary zones allow you to keep your primary DNS hosting at another provider or on another server outside of our network, but increase redundancy by replicating zones to our network so you can add our name servers at your registrar too. Ask your primary […]

How do I configure my domains at GoDaddy to slave/secondary DNS with Total Uptime?

If you wish to keep your primary DNS hosting at GoDaddy and use Total Uptime DNS for slaving them (secondary DNS), you need to have GoDaddy premium DNS and follow the steps in this article on their website: The above link also provides information if you wish to perform the reverse, that is… host your […]

Can I use your DNS Service as a secondary or slave service only?

Yes, absolutely. In fact by creating a zone via the DNS Manager that uses your own name server(s) as the primary, you gain more than just one secondary server, you gain the benefit of our entire global network designed to significantly improve the performance of your DNS! Of course, you’re not limited to slaving DNS […]

Secondary DNS – A Viable Backup Solution?

With GoDaddy’s unfortunate DNS outage on September 10th, we received an enormous number of inquiries about our DNS services. A frequently asked question was whether or not Total Uptime could provide secondary or backup DNS services for disaster recovery. The quick answer is “yes”, we can definitely provide this commonly implemented DNS backup solution, but we thought […]

Cloud Platform Release v19.3.0

Today we released version 19.3.0 of our UI and API. This is considered a minor release and includes the following bug fixes and features: SSL Certificates: We now allow users to edit the name of certificates, keys and pairs after uploading them. Previously the name set during upload was unchangeable. SSL Certificates: We now extract […]

Do you provide any utilization info for Cloud VPN/SD-WAN?

Yes, when you log into the management panel, you can go to Networking > Cloud VPN to see bandwidth graphs for your VPN uplinks. Generally one graph is shown per uplink, so if you have a primary and a secondary between our platform and your site, cloud provider or data center, you would see one […]

Network Failover Can Save Your Business

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, they say. You should always have a plan B. Companies spend millions on their data connections, but even the best of them can fail. And what happens when you don’t have adequate backup systems in place? Well, take a look at our survey of outages in 2018 […]