Decrease Downtime with Change Management

Service providers do everything they know how to avoid downtime. Generally the best practice is not to touch a live network. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But change is inevitable, and eventually every network or system will need improvements. The trick is to handle these changes with little to no disruption of running […]

Account Management – A Quick Start Video

 Watch this video to understand the functionality found in the Account section of the Total Uptime cloud management portal. Here you’ll learn how to modify company information, add/edit and delete users, create roles & security groupings, alert lists and much more.

Do you provide any utilization info for Cloud VPN/SD-WAN?

Yes, when you log into the management panel, you can go to Networking > Cloud VPN to see bandwidth graphs for your VPN uplinks. Generally one graph is shown per uplink, so if you have a primary and a secondary between our platform and your site, cloud provider or data center, you would see one […]

Finding Your Network’s Weakest Link

High availability is the nirvana of network engineers. When everything is humming, monitoring screens are green, and no notifications are in their inbox, network managers can spend time dreaming about how big their Christmas bonuses might be this year. But an unforeseen problem can interrupt their dreams and pop their bubbles at any given moment. […]

Software Defined Networking: The Speed of Software

Imagine that you are a data packet. You have information to deliver, and you’re anxious to get started. Here you are at your source network device, and you look out on the vast network of switches, routers, and other machines. But where do you go? You look down and see that you’ve been given a […]

Does the Cloud Solve Problems?

There is something about that word cloud. We know that cloud computing is a catch-all term for the many services available on the internet. And there are particular benefits to be found in moving to the cloud, as we have previously discussed in this blog space. But the cloud is not some heavenly realm of […]

Top External Monitoring Tools in 2019

What is external monitoring? In a general sense, it means regularly checking on something to find out what is happening. It’s a way to gather information. In a large network, it means observing and recording data from a wide variety of devices and applications. We should clarify that monitoring and management are not the same […]

What is an Application Delivery Network?

Today’s networks are focused on results. It’s not enough to have active connections with no errors. Customers expect that IT management teams do their best to deliver the applications that are essential to the success of the enterprise. The goal is complete service assurance. The environment in which these efforts at faultless application delivery take […]

Network Availability is the Name of the Game

Your network is everything. At least it seems that way. You can offer the most wonderful services in the world, but if your customer can’t access them, you’re dead in the water. Let’s face it. Most businesses suffer when the internet goes down, or when critical network services are not available. You’ve probably experienced the […]

Controlling Your Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Abstract The only constant in information technology is change. Technical pioneers continue to come up with new ways of doing things. The latest developments in IT infrastructure, as demonstrated in industry studies, include an increased adoption of hybrid cloud computing. With that trend comes a greater need to find ways to control a widely distributed […]