Creating a Maintenance Page for Site Uptime

There are times when your website must be taken down for routine maintenance or, in the event of a catastrophic failure of all your servers, must be restored from backup. In either event, a maintenance page is necessary to inform your customers of the reason the site is down and when you expect it to […]

Search for a Maintenance Window

If you find yourself with many Maintenance Windows and are challenged with locating a specific Maintenance Window to view, you can find it by using the “Search” button. Select the FIELD you’d like to search in the first box, HOW to search in the second box and enter the string you’d like to search FOR […]

Add Maintenance Window

Company:  Select a company or sub-company from the drop down window that the Maintenance Window will be affect.  This will determine which Alert Lists you see in the following windows. Name*:  (*required)  Choose a name for your Maintenance window and type it in here. Alert List(s)*:  (*required)  Select which Alert Lists this Maintenance Window will affect.  […]

Proactive IT Maintenance to Minimize Downtime

No one needs to explain to you the virtues of being proactive. Of course, no one can make you (or this writer) do it either. You may know that you should change the timing belt on your car every 60,000 miles or so, but it’s even easier to do nothing about it — until your […]

What are your network or datacenter maintenance windows?

We do not have any specific network or datacenter maintenance windows. Avoiding downtime on our global Cloud Platform is our highest priority, so we always make every effort to perform maintenance in such a way as to prevent customer impact.  That’s why you rarely receive datacenter maintenance notifications from us. In most cases, we can […]

How redundant and reliable is this Cloud VPN?

The Cloud VPN and SD-WAN service can be extremely reliable. It all depends on configuration. A single tunnel between our networks is the least desirable, but multiple tunnels between your location and at least two POPs on the Total Uptime platform increases reliability significantly. Add BGP for dynamic routing and you can achieve 99.999% reliability. […]

Software Defined Networking: The Speed of Software

Imagine that you are a data packet. You have information to deliver, and you’re anxious to get started. Here you are at your source network device, and you look out on the vast network of switches, routers, and other machines. But where do you go? You look down and see that you’ve been given a […]

Controlling Your Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Abstract The only constant in information technology is change. Technical pioneers continue to come up with new ways of doing things. The latest developments in IT infrastructure, as demonstrated in industry studies, include an increased adoption of hybrid cloud computing. With that trend comes a greater need to find ways to control a widely distributed […]

Increase Availability with Ticket Excellence

Everybody has troubles — especially IT professionals. But for obvious reasons, they don’t have the luxury to ignore them, run from them, put them off, or pass them on to somebody else. Doing so would undermine availability. Perhaps the availability of a server or a desktop, or even a workforce. No, in the world of […]

Data Center Power Reliability

In some respects, a load bank test of a data center is much like a road test of an automobile. Suppose you are in the market for a car, and you meet with a dealer or a private party to check out what they have to offer. You start it up, look under the hood, […]