DNSSEC Implementation Guide

We recently added an easy-to-use implementation of DNSSEC in our UI.  The currently deployed version in our UI makes it nearly impossible to misconfigure.  Every time you make a change, it is queued for review by one of our NOC engineers to ensure that the requested actions will not impact any existing chain of trust. […]

Resource Record Types

Total Uptime’s Cloud DNS Service supports 27 different DNS resource record types. That includes 26 standard record types and 1 special web-redirect type that we’ve created. Below is a comprehensive list of each record type which you can find in the Cloud DNS management interface. DNS SOA Record This is the “Start of Authority” resource […]

Changing your reverse DNS name servers at ARIN

If you have received a direct IP allocation from ARIN and would like to point them to Total Uptime so you can create zones for managing reverse DNS, these are the steps you need to take in order to complete the process. Log into ARIN online right from their home page at www.arin.net Click on […]

Do you support Reverse Lookup DNS (PTR) zones?

Yes, absolutely! Before you can configure a reverse zone, you must first, however, contact the ISP that issued you your IP addresses and have them delegate the IN-ADDR.ARPA or IP6.ARPA records to the name servers we’ve assigned to your account. (You can find these listed in a box on the right side of the DOMAINS […]

A Primer on the Domain Name System (DNS)

In the early days of the Internet, humans and other computers located the few massive interconnected computers the same way: by their numeric Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. Soon, the impracticality of memorizing all these numbers became obvious and a rudimentary naming scheme was developed. A central repository of names and their associated IP addresses was […]