We eliminate network downtime!

Manage and route traffic on the Internet, BEFORE the datacenter, for true control.

Our Cloud Load Balancer doesn’t depend on a single datacenter, because we all know they fail. Even Amazon EC2 with its great architecture isn’t always available.

We give you the tools to get back in the driver's seat. Our load balancer is everywhere, hosted in multiple super POPs around the world that are all inter-connected, so it far exceeds what any appliance or single-datacenter load balancer can do.

Are you ready to regain control? Perhaps you want to create an active/active or active/standby configuration between multiple datacenters or even multiple ISP lines at the same site? The Total Uptime Cloud Load Balancer is what you’ve been looking for, and it's affordable too starting at just $23/month.

I want control!

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Increase Application Uptime

By implementing load balancing or automated failover, you can almost instantly redirect traffic from one site to another, increasing the availability of your application to end-users.

Failover Without Updating DNS

Just like a real load balancer, routing changes are made in the cloud without updating DNS. This makes switching from one server or datacenter to another fast and complete.

Datacenter Independent

It doesn't matter where your servers or datacenters are. We can fail from one location to another. This allows you to implement true vendor redundancy for your applications.

Boosts Your Bottom Line

It's a proven fact that when sites are down, people can’t find you. That means no purchases and, even worse, lost confidence in your company or brand! Uptime always = better returns.

See how we make it easy to configure active/passive Failover

We’ve created an extremely easy-to-use web-based management portal, so you can configure and tweak your settings all night long. We give you full control to log-in and make changes whenever you want, ensuring your servers are available 24/7.

Watch this quick video and configure failover fast

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